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We help businesses navigate the world of digital marketing. We pride ourselves on straight talking and having a f****** passion for what we do.

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Conversion Focused Websites

We design websites that drive actions. We know that a beautiful website with zero funtion drives zero results. We believe in keeping things simple and using some common sense. Beautiful and functional design wins everyday.

High Impact 
Paid Traffic

Traffic is the fuel to any online business. We help you drive targeted traffic to achieve your goals. We believe time spent researching is time well spent. Learn to understand your customer and how they interact online.


Storytelling is a thing of beauty when done well. Tell an interesting story and communicate with passion and you will reign supreme. We love to create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Fileti Consulting has helped Galaxy Kayaks develop our digital marketing from humble beginnings to become an international e-commerce brand with a physical presence in ten countries. Over the last four years they have helped us to become the market leader of affordable kayaks in Europe. I would not hesitate to recommend Fileti Consulting. 

Stephen Sweeney,

Director, Galaxy Kayaks

Our marketing campaigns drive results that are measurable and quantified. We like to establish metrics and it feels good when we over-deliver on them. Here's just a few key metrics from one client, Galaxy Kayaks.

18400 0
Yearly visitors and counting
38630 0 3
Generating over 3+ million € in yearly online sales
4 0 9
Average Time On Site

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After countless hours on deck running e-commerce businesses we've gained our sea legs and captains license in the world of digital marketing.  After many successes and failures, we've acquired an all-star crew who are set on a new adventure.  Our aim is to provide a no nonsense and bespoke digital marketing service that helps businesses achieve their online objectives.

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